M80 Loud Firecracker

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make an extremely effective and quick fire cracker for a very very nice explosion!

Step 1: Gather Materials

First you want to get your materials which in that case all you need is some black powder that you can get for yourself or take out of a shotgun shell but I don't acknowledge doing it so do so at your own risk. And other than black powder all you need is some tape and paper

Step 2: Put Together

After you get some tape some black powder and a piece of paper normal size sheet of paper getting ready to put it together, first fold the paper in half long ways then fold it in half one more time. Folded up like a football and at the gunpowder as shown in pictures. After the first fold over and gunpowder loaded you want to stick a fuse in there.

Step 3: Tape Up and Blow Up!

Now all you have to do is tape up your firecracker and you're ready to light it off and have some loud fun!! It may look a little crappy and dysfunctional but believe me it is very functional and effective. have fun!



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