Making a Paintball Mask Camera Mount




Introduction: Making a Paintball Mask Camera Mount

the list:
2 screws
4 screws-nut
one small piece of PVC - 40mm diameter
one piece any kind metal or one metal-corner
one small piece of VELCRO
strong glue
and some tools.

- this work was base in the several posts in INSTRUCTABLES.COM and I developed the outer form to constructor one helmet mount to mini DV camera MD005 bougth in .

- the helmet mount is for paintball mask or any outer mask which have a elastic strap.

> here brazilian link <

Step 1: The Model Strap

First you use the PVC plastic to mold the support.

you may heating the PVC plastic for mold in any form.

After, you make the holes in the support.

Step 2: Metal-corner and VELCRO

With the strong glue, you paste the piece of VELCRO in the metal-corner

- the metal-corner: you will use one face to paste the velcro, with the strong-glue, and the other face you will make two holes for attach the screws and the screws-nut.

- put the second face of the VELcro in the camera

Step 3: The End.

So, after the hard work the mount is completed

See the detail in the pictures.

Step 4: Complete and Useful


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great build! I suggest changing the title to "Making a Paintball mask Camera Mount" though, the current title is a bit nonsensical.