Make Foam Stamps From Old Mousemats




really simple to do.
these can be as simple or as intricate as you like. a great use for freebee mousemats

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. mousemat (vinal and foam type)
2. scalpel/exact knife
3. pen
4. paper (or sticky labels, or even posible to use masking tape)
5. spray glue (not needed if you use one of the pre-glued options)
6. paint

Step 2: Draw!

draw your design,
spray sticky stuff on back
stick to foam side of mousemat

Step 3: Cut and Peel

cut all the way around the lines
peel paper away from foam that is to be removed (negative spaces in the stencil, not painted bits)
using your nails or the knife to make a start, carefully pull out the foam from this area, you may have to go over some of your cuts again to make this easier and prevent ripping.
cut the mousemat down to the size of your image, (you can cut the outline with scissors around the shape or do as i have done and leave some excess plastic-peeling away any extra foam)
peel off remaining paper.

Step 4: Paint Then Print!

either paint directly on to the stamp or spread out the paint and ink it up that way
press down on paper, fabric or whatever, aplying preasure to get an even print (or roll over it for a good even splat.)

Step 5: Further Steps

it is posible to make more detailed images, (just be careful not to over-ink or else you get sploge marks around the edges!) my first stamp was the Katamari prince i just made a simple star for the sake of instructables.
you could also arrange several of these around a roller (use lint rollers as they come pre-sticky!) for making repeating paterns.
let me know how you get on



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      11 years ago on Introduction

      Awesome, sweet, fantastic! This idea is so awesome. I have some old and ugly mousepads. The mousepads you use are kinda out dated because lasers are now the hitch. I wonder if I can obtain them at thrift stores.. :D


      Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

      i printed with a foam shape onto a piece of paper im not quite sure which bit you are unsure of so sorry i cant be clearer.