Make Small Boot Polish Buffer





Introduction: Make Small Boot Polish Buffer

make a buffer to aid in polishing boots
nail shaper or any powerful motor with gear in axle
multi purpose cloth:100% cotton

Step 1: Motor( If You Have Nail Shaper, Skip This)

first connet the battery to one tab of the motor and attatch a wire to the other tab
make sure you have the battery stuck stationary
to start the motor, brush the wire on the battery

Step 2: Buffing Head

get a button and your cloth
cut a circle of cloth circumference a bit larger than the button
glue to the flat side of the button making sure you fold up the edges
glue to head of shaping stone or gear with cloth facing up

Step 3: Alternate Method

connect your motor to the 2 wires from a phone charger



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    6 Discussions

    Mine is meant to kill the user... Yours looks like a great travel item for lazier polishers...

    Oh don't I know it, however if you buff them up to perfection and polish them quickly and regularly you can keep the shine with little effort...