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renew the color, cover stickers on it and add some equipment on it

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Step 1: Spray the Surface

Try to buy some big brand color. In this kind of product, it is always you pay more for better. After spraying acrylic color, you must spray clear gloss to make the color shine and stay longer.

Step 2: Add Basket and Cyclo Computer

Step 3: Stickers Applied

these stickers are very good made and very expensive.
See, there is the shorter/longer function of my bicycle.

Step 4: Add Bag and Water Bottle Shelf

buy it at your local bicycle shop or on the internet

Step 5: Dynamo Light Attached

Actually, I never use it, because it slows the speed so much. So for me, this light is just a beauty showcase thing.

Step 6: Done

see the finished one

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    hi- I want to get one of dynamo and light sets, do you know where to get them? thanks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    dynamos need carefull set up. should be on a straight line from the wheel spindle thru the centre of the dynamo. also if its running too tight to the tyre it will drag. looks like youve got a bracket thats welded to the forks in the factory. It might not be at the right angle. could tweak it with an adjustable spanner so the dynamo doesnt drag so much