Make Your Own Dance Party

Introduction: Make Your Own Dance Party

Keep in mind: We have to connect with the right people. People that really want to work hard to have things moving, people that have initiative, and that know influent people.
1- Have a theme and a reason for having your social event.
2- Set up a date. Pay attention to other things that may be happening on the day that you will have your event. You do not want to compete with any big event.
3- Set up a place
4- Know how long the event is going to last. Have a set start time and end time.
5- For a dance event - figure out the sound system and the songs.
6- Advertise. Make posters, make it public, and invite people.
7- Have everything ready before the day of the event,
8- On the day of the event, get to the place in advance to have time to set everything up.
9- Enjoy the event, but have a open eye for anything that might go wrong or need to be fix. Unfortunately, many times the people that plan the event enjoy it the least because there are too many other things to focus on. Try to have everything done so that you may enjoy the occasion.
10-   Clean up.

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    4 years ago

    Find the location / venue cost, learn about insurance and liability, advertise (web and flyers), rent the sound system (including PA speakers, subwoofer, amp, mixer, cables, sound techie person) , DJs or band, SECURITY, front door persons, pay for everything up front and budget the cost of entry to account for all the above. Safety / non discrimination policy is important for me. Each of these things could have a whole lot to them. I've helped organise a monthly neighbourhood dance party, and it's so worth it and not all that hard but it is much harder then these bullet lists suggest.. Best to talk to people and get a team before starting anything, imo. I would really love to see someone write a much more in depth article on this.