Make Your Own Grind Rail

need to learn how to grind?
dont have enough cash to buy a nice new grind rail?
now you can make your own for under 25$$$

Step 1: Materials

first you will need...

two blocks of wood (about 1' 1/2 feet long and 4 inches tall)

a long metal tube (can be round or square i got this stuff that has holes along the top and from the side looks like a U it was about 15 dollars for 10 feet)

some bolts and washers that will fit through the holes in the top but the washers will stop it from going through

a scooter or skate board or any thing that you can grind with

Step 2: Building

first mark where the bolts will go to attach the bar

next drill two holes where its marked

now screw in the bolts through the metal onto both pieces of wood

Step 3: All Done!!!!!!!!!

now go grind away!!!

it doesnt take you long to learn its really easy after a while



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    im PRETTY sure the bolts would get in the way when you grind...