Make Your Own Free Halloween Scream Mask!




Introduction: Make Your Own Free Halloween Scream Mask!

Ever wanted to make a scream mask? Well these next few easy steps will guide you through on making a freaky quality mask!

This is the only instructable on how to make a scream mask

(warning: this MAY not work if you wear glasses)

Step 1: What You Need

this is my first day with instructables, so don't make me feel bad about this...

well anyway, all you need is:

a black t-shirt (preferally bigger than your normal size)
printer (colour not needed)
band,strap,string etc (anything to wrap around your head)
some tape
microsoft word

Step 2: Print

save/open the file below and print out the picture on it EXACTLY AS IT IS, NO MODIFICATIONS ARE NEEDED!

Step 3: Next Step

Then, cut out your design and make eye holes where your eyes are after planning on where the mask is gona be on your face.

keep cutting until you have clear sight. (people won't notice that the hole is there unless its very obvious)

Step 4: Wrap Around Your Head

now get the band, strap etc... and make sure it fits around your head, then tie it into a circle.

After that, tape it onto the paper mask so when wearing it, you can see through the eye holes.

now try wearing it, but it's not finished eh?

Step 5: T-shirt Pt 1

go to the youtube video

now, you should have a ninja mask

Step 6: T-shirt Pt 2

on top of your ninja mask, wear the scream mask so that you can still see through the eye holes.

looking better, but not quite finished. something doesn't seem right, eh?

Step 7: Finished!

The problem is that your head looks too round and you can still see the strap.

to solve this, pretend the back of your ninja mask is a hood and raise it over your head so it covers the band. now we're talking!


(finished picture is in intro)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Why can't I download the file. It says forbidden :/


    12 years ago on Introduction

    first instructable, so be nice and COMMENT AWAY!