Make Your Own Locker Alarm

Introduction: Make Your Own Locker Alarm

i built this secuarity alarm for hiding my machines and tools from my family it is based on simple mechanism and also looking simple..

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Step 1: Things You Will Need:

6 volt battery,screwdrivers,wires,motor with heavy unstable weight,plastic strips ,screws,any metal trigger with wire and your locker compartment.

Step 2: Opening the Lock and Attaching the Wires

the main aim is to inserting the wire inside the lock anywhere and make sure the wire should be attached to the metal of lock mechanism

Step 3: Attaching Trigger to Lock As It Can Complete Circuit.

here your circuit is ready

Step 4: How It Works

as you put the key in the other end of the key touches the trigger and completes the circuit.

Step 5: Assembling Battery and Vibrator Motor to Circuit Lock.

joint all the wires and as the lock completes the circuit as you put key in.

Step 6: Testing Your Circuit

::::as you can see in first picture the circuit is closed and the l.e.d is not lighting.
::::and in second picture as i put the key in the circuit completes and the vibrator motor starts and l.e.d lights.

Step 7: Attach Your Circuit to Your Locker

it is done!!!!! lock your locker and wait until anyone comes and put the duplicate key in and the vibrator motor starts noising and you should get aware that anyone had tried to open your locker....

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