Making a 'burp' Cloth




Introduction: Making a 'burp' Cloth

Burp cloths are needed in abundance with little babies around and cloth diapers are a favorite since they are made to absorb and to be washed again and again.
I bought a ten pack of diapers for about $6 and decided to 'dress them up' in order to give them as baby gifts.
I used the dedicated embroidery machine at the Tech Shop for this project.

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Step 1:

the first thing was to wash and dry the diapers. Then I picked out my design (I found it on line for about $1.50) I made my color choice. Happily, the Tech Shop provided both spools of thread from  their communal thread box.

Step 2:

I hooped the diaper using a tearaway stabilizer on the back

Step 3:

I watched the machine do its magic

Step 4:

I snipped threads and decided to add a grosgrain ribbon to both ends. And now for about $1 worth of materials I have a sweet present for the next baby shower or grand baby.

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    So cute! I just love monkeys. So you said you bought the design online. Do you have to buy it from a specific place to use it with that embroidery machine?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you don't have to buy from a specific place. You do have to save it in a specific format jef and then into the 'my design' embroidery file in order for he machine to read the thumb drive.