Making a Cool Easy Fun Pocketsized Projectile

this instructable will teach you how to make a simple but effective and accurate multi purpose throwing thing

ypu will need

-a bolt and nut (nut does not need to fit bolt perfectly but must still touch all sides)

-electric tape

-super glue

-two fake feathers (i only have one left so i will show you how to attach and at end put a picture of a better one that i made)


-clippers (optional)

Step 1: Adding Washers Onto the Bolt

take the bolt and one washer that has a hole smaller than the bolt head and slide it onto the bolt.
slide on another washer that is bigger than the first but the cant slide over.
slide small washer on as divider and then slide on another big one and repeat this part (you dont need to but i usually end with small divider to avoid a big washer sliding over the nut

Step 2: Blocking of the Washers

take the nut and slide it onto the bolt until the washer only have a little bit of room to slide around
once you have as much room for the washers as you want but not to much room seal the nut on with super glue
if you are doing this inside do it over a paper towel to avoid spills onto the carpet or the floor wich usually results with mad parents

Step 3: Prepping the Feathers

just take the clippers and trim of the end of the feather

Step 4: Adding the Feathers

take a strip of electric tape and put the feathers flat against the bolt and wrap the tape around the bolt and feathers

Step 5: Finished

you can now use this tool for many thing like playing hand lacrosse, throwing and catching (sounds lame but is really fun), attaching string to make a sort of grapple hook, throwing at friend and having a friend throw at you to practice ninja dodging/catching skills (THIS IS A DISCLAIMER TO ANY HARM CAUSED DOING THAT), winning pocket size contest, and even a hacky sack, lawn darts, primitive hunting tool (DISCLAIMER TO HARM CAUSED BY THROWING AT ANIMAL but if you do hunt with it aim at the head),

ps if you make the feather in twisty pattern at the attachment to the bolt the device will spin in mid air if you throw it way up and i havnot tried but it could make a cool trippy look if you attached colored streamers to the ends of the feathers.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there! Nice instructable! Actually, filipinos who are natives of the Philippines like me, use this to play a game which I believe is called "sipa", it's actually something like just hitting it with anything except hands to keep it on the air. You can use your elbow and stuff. Good day!

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I mean something like this. Sipa is just like juggling a soccer ball except you can use arms except your hands.


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    cool to know i actually was inspired by some thing m friend had that slightly resembled this and he called it something like a chinese hacky sack


    9 years ago on Introduction

    wow henry lol totally useless....
     waste of bytes....
      omg chunk of metal.

    you might as well melt it and leave it in a puddle in your garage...

    2.5 stars haha I lowered the rating...

    P.S. Mteamy and I are friends so dont insult me im just joking...

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    and henry...
    dont do the stupid 'tag with things that people look up' trick...

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