Making a Cyber-man Helmet

Introduction: Making a Cyber-man Helmet

the cybermen are a fictional race from the show dr. who ( for those of you who don't know ). in this instructable i'll show you how to build a classic cyber-helmet.

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Step 1: The Sides

To make the sides of the Cyberman helmet take five cardboard ovals the largest being nine inches and then decreasing by about a quarter of an inch each oval after that. Now glue/tape them together so that the ridges can be clearly seen. replicate this for the other side of the helmet.

Step 2: The Face

Now cut out the shape above, being 9 inches long and 5 inches down. Now attach it to the ovals in a way that, when folded, will fit around your head and make the ovals parallel to each other.

To make the mouth piece cut out the piece shown above which is about six inches across, then cut out the area below the mouth and tape it back on to make grooves.

Step 3: The Top and Back

Round out the head by taping the below shape which is 18 inches long by 6 wide to the helmet so the point is about an inch away from the eyes. Then curl it around the head taping it in as close proximity to the ovals as you can. Make sure to put the helmet on repeatedly during this step to make sure it fits.

Step 4: The Sides

To make the sides and the tubes on the top, make the shape above twice out of cardboard and attach them to the sides of the head. now, to make the tubing roll up a bit of cardboard and cover it in black tape. finally to make it seem like it connects to the head on the top fold a cardboard rectangle over the center and tape it in place. ( and tape the sides shut to)

Step 5: Finishing Up the Top

now add silver mesh in the eyes and paint it silver, or cover it in silver tape and you are done this part.

Step 6: The Collar

This part of the helmet will rests on your shoulder. take a circle of cardboard cut out the inside and then cut out a bit of the ring. then tape it back together so the ring slants, then attach cardboard to the inside to form a neck. Next, reopen the cuts and put a small device underneath it to keep it closed ( this is so it will fit around your neck ). then paint it silver and you are done.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Gah, isn't shiny foil a pig to photograph nicely?

    Good job on the head - you ought to add a shot of you actually wearing it (and the Time Lord head-dress at the same time!)


    Reply 4 years ago

    you know what I would do, I'd take a mark i Iron Man Helmet and attach a PVC pipe handle-shape to it!