Making a Sticker for My Ipad




Introduction: Making a Sticker for My Ipad

My husband was given an ipad3 for a retirement gift. This means his former ipad is MINE. However, my husband ordered the exact same ipad cover for his new ipad, making the old and the new indistinguishable. I decided mine needed a stcker - one easily seen.

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Step 1:

Having taken the vinyl cutter class at Tech Shop I had some left over components from earlier work.

Step 2:

I knew I wanted red or orange as that is easy to spot. Why is everything black?
I found a large red oval. I had made this by choosing the oval option in Corel Draw and making a whole page of ovals and circles to cut on the vinyl cutter. Since the Tech Shop has nice selection of vinyl at a reasonable price - I have a nice collection of colors. I have used them mostly to make name stickers for the grand kids.
I had also cut out animals using the animals file in Corel Draw clip art and choosing those with little detail (shadow drawings are the best) and nothing too delicate. (I kept losing the antlers on the deer)

Step 3:

Since my last name is Wolff I chose the wolf in off white to stand against the red. I should have used the spray to have literal wiggle room to get the placement right but  . .  I placed the wolf on the red oval I used an old gift card to set it down tight) and the red oval onto the ipad case. (again, using the card) It's kind of like putting my name on it, but more subtle. And I can be sure the ipad I have is mine because of its unique sticker.

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