Making a Tutu

Introduction: Making a Tutu

As the favourite auntie, I have certain responsibilities and privileges.  A couple of years ago, I assemble the supplies for my 6 year old neice to make her own 'fairy' tutu.

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Step 1: Gather the Supplies

You'll need:
  • dressmaker scissors
  • dressmakers waistband elastic
  • pieces of tulle netting - this kind of netting can easily be found at thrift stores.  Get more tulle than you think you need.  The tutu will look better when full.
  • fabric ribbons
Estimate the waist size of the child and stich or tie the elastic to the appropriate size.
Discuss with the child if the tutu will be short or long.
Cut the pieces of netting into strips. 
Cut the ribbons into lengths.

Step 2: Assembly

Fold the ribbon and tulle in half and loop onto the elastic.  My six year old niece could do this easily and it kept her busy for a while.  She was able to design and make her own tutu.  You can sit back and enjoy the intense concentration of creation.

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