Making Faces




Introduction: Making Faces

Just sharing a few short videos I made of myself sculpting some little 12" doll faces out of ProSculpt.

I like this particular brand of polymer clay as it is denser and holds its overall shape better as you work it.  Once you get a certain part done the way you like it, you can bake that part and then iteratively add more clay to refine it.

Step 1: Initial Face Sculpt


Step 2: After Baking - Adding Ears

After baking - ears added


Step 3: After Baking Again, Refined Eyes

After ears were baked, I added some eyes. 

I like him, he reminds me just a little bit of my Machine Learningteacher on Coursera

Step 4: Female Face

quick version:

long version:

Step 5: Owl Man

Another character:  Owl man (in progress)

Step 6: Lovely Luna

Luna: quick version



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    This is awesome - great job - i like the video....and the results. I would have fun with this stuff!

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