Making Stoves Out of Tin Cans ( Similar to My Portable BBQ )

Introduction: Making Stoves Out of Tin Cans ( Similar to My Portable BBQ )

So when you want hot turkey breast, or steamed hot dogs, order up!!, you CAN GET THAT when YOU WANT IT!! Yeah, I mean WHEN YOU WANT IT!!! So take my simple steps to YOUR surprise! 

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Step 1: Materials

Ummmmmmm... you need ...
A tin can with a 4" diameter,
some 1 square foot of aluminum foil,
meat thermometer,
scissors [any scissors except for safety scissors ]
a ruler over 4" long
thats all u need!

let's get started!!!

Step 2: Measure Diameter on Tin Can

To measure the diameter of the can place a ruler across the top of the can and there has to be a 4" only of space!

Step 3: Poke Holes

Poke Holes in tin can 180 degrees apart [ half circle ],
use scissors to do this. 

Step 4: Thermometer in the Holes Away!!!

So just stick the stupid old thermometer in through both holes in the tin can

Step 5: After That Take 1 Square Foot of Aluminum Foil

Fold in half then fold 1'' in to center, then fold in half again, 
you can also look at the pictures.

Step 6: Poke Holes Again....Poke,poke

poke holes in your foil and spread them out randomly and should cover the hole top of the can

Step 7: Cover Can With Poked Aluminum Foil.

so just use the title of the step to help you out,... alright!!!

Step 8: So Fold the Hanging Over Foil Down Tightly

Step 9: So Steam Up Some Hot Dogs And, Have Fun Doing It!!!

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