Marble Candlestick




Introduction: Marble Candlestick

cosy marble rocks candlestick I made few years ago
looks realy nice at night becouse the rocks are a little transparant
light coming from the gaps looks nice on the walls

you will need lots of transparent marble rocks
one big flat rock for the base

I dont have any construction photos but I can tell essential thinks
you will need flat rock for the base, the flater the better
it has bo be biger about 2cm in diameter than tea candle
marble rocks has to be transparent so the fat ones will not work
test marbe rocks transparency If you want to make a quality candlestick
use the tea candle as a guideline becouse the candle will need to fit
to fix the rocks in place you will need super glue ( or maybe there is faster drying stronger glue that I dont know of ? )
you will need to hold the rock in place till its fixed in
with superglue it just take few seconds
the rocks should get a little smaller going upwards
start glueing the first circle ponting outwards
glue the rock to your base and adjacent rock
at the second circle things will start to get complicated because you will need to find the right rock
so you will need to have a lot of rocks to find the right one
now the rock has to be glued to three adjacent rocks veticaly
the third circe is glued like second but the rocks are pointed inwards
make sure the teacandle fits trough the last circle, mine was a little hard to put in

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    4 years ago

    Great Idea. Definitely on my list to make. Thank you for sharing.