Mark 1 Knex Man Mech Suit Hulk Beater

Introduction: Mark 1 Knex Man Mech Suit Hulk Beater

this was the first try it came out cool the holk beater it moves pretty good

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Step 1: Lets Get Started Step 1

the first pic show what you need

the second how to put together

the end what to do

on the last pic you put together the three gray knex part gose to the yellow rod part to make full body part

Step 2: The Arms

one the 1st pic the one one gray part gose on the yellow rod

Step 3: The Legs

Step 4: Puting the Legs and Arms On

Step 5: Knex Suit Up Time

knex guy suiting up

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Can you make your instructables have more light and its preaty nice


    At the end the ink makes it look insane but the dark color makes instructions confusing...