Mask ( Inspired by Cinderella Story)

so guys we were having masquerade party and i thought to make this beautiful mask for my dress:D and well it will look awesome for Halloween as well:P just in a different color :P

things you will need
~paper mache mask ( you can also buy a plain plastic mask)
~lace no#1 (lace with sequin)
~lace no#2 ( zigzag lace)
~lace no#3  (plain beaded lace)
~ barbeque stick
~gem lace (optional)
~plain shiny pink gift wrap
~ pva glue ( i used this glue because it turns colorless once dried)

Step 1: Paint the Mask

paint your mask with your desired  color.
i used baby pink for my mask as my dress was pink and white.

*guys i forgot to take a picture while painting my mask so im so sorry i cant provide you with a picture while painting it  :( so instead of that i am posting the picture of the template of my mask.:)

Step 2: Cut Some Pieces of *lace Sequin*

while the paint is in drying process cut squares of your  lace no 1( picture of lace is included)

Step 3: Glue Your Mask With Pva Glue

once the paint on the mask is dried completely, glue the mask top side with pva glue and place the lace squares on top . (picture included)

Step 4: Trim the Sides of the Mask and Glue Again

once the glue have dried, trim the sides of the mask and glue again and let it dry .. gluing is important as it helps the embellishments to be strongly stick.

pictures included

Step 5: Apply the Lace No#2 and the Beaded Lace on the Sides

apply lace no#2 and the lace no 3

Step 6: Once It Is Dryed

once it is dried it will look like this

( this can also be the complete version of the mask )

Step 7: Add the Stick and Crystals :) and Your Mask Is Ready :D

i warped the barbeque stick for the handy mask :) however you can also punch holes using the belt hole maker :)



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