Matchbox Mp3 Player

Introduction: Matchbox Mp3 Player

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the story behind this is my sister was cleaning out her room and found an old mp3 player. "It doesent work " my sister told me so what do i do? i open it up and look at that the battery is disconnected. i put it all back together, made some plans and got my camera.
so that's how that happened and now here is another great Instructable. pink isn't my favorite color so i decided to give it a new case. turns out a matchbox is the perfect size.

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Step 1: Materials

necessary materials would be

  • mp3 player
  • matchbox
  • screwdriver or something to pry the case off with
  • X-ACTO knife
  • paper

Step 2: Matches and Mp3 Player

grab your matches and grab your mp3 player its time to take stuff apart. pry open the case and remove the guts of the player than take the matchbox and dump out all the matches

Step 3: Tayloring

its time to taylor the suit for the player. place a few matches or a few layers of paper in the bottum of the box and put the guts on top.
now draw where the audio, and USB jacks are on the sides of the box

Step 4: Cut

cut the holes along the lines you just made and enlarge them if necessary. then cut out the hole for the display.

Step 5: Final Product

put the cover on power it up and make shure it works. well, there you have it, now charge it up and use it to your disgression if you have any questions, remarks, or criticisms please comment or PM me.

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