Matrimonial Bed Upholstered Chocolate

Introduction: Matrimonial Bed Upholstered Chocolate

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hello to everyone.

today i show this instructable of how to do a matrimonial bed out sctrach wood.

this bed i make i do it cuz in mexico there is a tradition on cristmas about exchange gifts. and for me i got to give a present for a cousin. so i decide to make a bed because he has an ugly and old bed.

i just spend money on screws, paint, cloth, delcron and sliders for the boxes. in total i spent like 80 dlls on making this bed.

Step 1: Building the First Frame

to make the firts frame i use 4 inch long screws to plug the corners for the building.

if you see in those pictures. my wood is mor big for my screws, so i decide to drill holes of the size of the head of the screw to make screw atach to the other piece.

something important is when you put screws into the wood i use to make a guide first, drilling whit a very thin drill bit.

i make this because sometimes when you didint make guide, the wood could break or the screw could go to other place that you wont. so always drill whit 1/8 drill bit to make guide on my screws.

i use clamps to have very firmly the wood so never gonna go or move to other sides. you just do corner by corner and at the end you gona get a nice squuare frame.

Step 2: Routing for the Tables That Rest in the Matress

on this process i use router and the routher bit it apears in photo.

on this way the bed get more stronger than put wood at the sides for the rest tables for matress.

on the corners i use my chisel to make square angles , as you see in photo.

Step 3: Building Legs for the Second Frame.

as the same like the first frame i use my screws and my 1/8 drill bit to make guide and plug the legs

the construction bed frame are very easy but you need patience to do it right.

Step 4: Building Second Frame and Internal Sctructure for the Boxes

claps and screws make a better woodwork.

for the internal scructure i use my chisel and my hammer to make plug pieces. i want that they could resist a lot of weight. soo for me is the best way to do it.

Step 5: Making Supports for the Principal Legs

i cut triangle pieces for corners. its were they gonna rest the legs.

Step 6: Making the Boxes

on this step i use my circular saw to make like a 6mm space to instal the plywood.

on my case, my disc from my saw is 2mm thick. so i use a guide to cut the wood three times on every side of the boxes and make the 6mm space to install my plywood.

on this circular saws you could adjust how deepest you can cut and i decide cuting 4mm deep to get a good atachment.

then i instal the sides faces and the back face of my box leaving at the end the principal face.

this is just for making adjustments and you see how goes this process.

Step 7: Making the Headboard

i make very simply constructuion on this bed because everything itsd gonna be upholstered

and no one screw you gonna see at the end of all processes.

soo the headboard i use the same process to building it

Step 8: Now Follow the Upholstery

i use the air stapler to install delcron first that its the material that makes that texture of bed very sof like a bear toy.

like on wood you got to size and cut as the same size of the structure and them use the air stapler. if you dont have any air stapler use a tiny nails whit head and leave a lil of the nail and smashed to de structure.

Step 9: Install Boxes on Bed

only the front face of boxes i use the delcron to make it softer .

i use my router to install the Potholders on my boxes.

and when the cloth was installed i put the Potholders at the end.

Step 10: Enjoy

my cousin room its so litle like a bird house and i take the picture at the farest place of this birdhouse.

my cousin now is rentin and he wants to change to other apartment more bigger, because he can only open two boxes of three i make.

for me the upholstered proceses on this bed it was like wrap a gift. it was my first time i do upholstery and its nothing of other world. i use my air stapler to make everything goes nicer.

i hope thet this instructable could be of much help for people. and all proces could be everything is understood and clear if somebody has a question of this proyect, let me know, its gonna be a pleasure to answer all question about this proyect, and i hope people enjoy it.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this turned out really nice! That's a great looking bed, and a very thoughtful gift to make for your cousin.