Mattias' Super Awesome Glider

first instructable
this planenearly won paperplane competition of over 50 people. it flew to the back of the gym (a good 20 meters) very fun

you can also just follow the pictures at the bottom if you find that easier.

thanks for looking, and leave a comment if you think that its good or if you have any suggestions

Step 1: This Is the Simplest Step That a Monkey Might Be Able to Do

you arent dummer than a monkey might maybe be??? are you?

fold the piece in half

yes, along the line

Step 2: The First Steps Are Like a Bog Standard Paper Airplane

when folding the two top corners into the middle line leave about 0.5 cm on each side of the middle line,
you will understand why later

you will see what i mean in the other picture

Step 3: More Folding

now make the design for the somewhat faster bog standard paper plane

with this one aswell make sure that there is that half centimeter gap on each side of the centre line

Step 4: This Where It Starts Coming Into Its Own

fold the nose back on itself,
like in the pictures

i hope that you have been trying to keep the folds as symmetrical as possible because that will help with the flight of the plane

Step 5: Crease Those Folds Well

now it should look a bit like a trapeeze at the top.

fold those two corners in, trying to keep that gap in the middle still.

repeat this on the other side now

it should be getting thicker and harder to fold now

crease that fold well, these part tend to come unfolded during flight

maybe be getting a bit confusing now so you have really watch the picture

Step 6: Fold It in Half

now when you fold it in half you will see why there is that gap in the centre.

if there wasnt it would make the nose rip when you try to fold it in half

and then fold it again to form the wings

when folding the wings most people fold it along the bottom of the plane.
but for this one you should fold it so that it goes lower than the bottom. this increases the wingspan making for a better glider.

Step 7: And Youre Done, Have Fun

try flying this in a big area.

it will really withstand crashes well due to its heavy nose

when throwing it , throw it slightly upwards. it works best when throwen somewhat gently



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    9 years ago on Step 1

     in theory, a human cant be dummer than a monkey because we evolved from monkeys, so therefore are their superiors.

    6 replies
    Fission Chipsol987986

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Human's can't be dummer than a monkey. It might be possible, if a human had a mental disorder, they could be dumber than a monkey.

    actually i recently found out that humans did not evolve from monkeys, but monkeys and humans are a branch of evolution from a certain type of fish, just like chickens and turkeys are a branch evolution from a type of dinosaurs. ( sorry for the geeky moment ) :)

    *superior voice* With the power of geek to normal talk translation I shall understand!!! *casual voice* I tried to remember this documentary about the evolution of humans, but I sort of only remember the part when some animals went bipedal, then they developed  bigger brains which gives them the intelligence to make tools. Then evolution 3 gave them smaller brains with the same amount of efficiency, still only have tools. Evolution 4 (neanderthals) gave humans a cultural sense. Evolution 5 = us. We wiped out the neanderthals (or probably just the climate).  Then began Earth's colonization....

    becasue the monkey version of beyonce walked in and starterd singing
    "my banana's bring all the chimps to the yard, and they're like those green banana's are hard"
    resulting in all of the monkeys foregetting about the their plans to advance their technology.

    If you think you have OCD, then you will have OCD. If you think otherwise, then not. I tried the larger wingspan thing a year ago with your standard paper plane. It just dropped to the ground. This one was well thought (unlike mine(which was a few years ago)).


    9 years ago on Step 1

    lol "are u smarter than a monkey???"
    awesome glider tho


    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow this is soooooooooooo cool(i aint lyin)