Mechanical Counter

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this is mechanical counter which counts by one circular movement on side wheel and shows counting upto 999 to make this u need to 3d print out the parts and label them this was firstly made centuries ago with wood but this is the plastic and durable version of it

Step 1: Materials

u need not to 3d print out the counting display but can take out that from the old odometer display and some some other parts also from the old odometer

Step 2: Assembling

from the odometer u would get almost 70% of counter pre assembled u need only adding spring to reset and add according to needs by seeing in the picture

Step 3: And Here We Go!

here is link to watch video similar to this of working please enjot



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    actually i took it out of odometer display and need some parts only that i made by melting plastic and instant glue i only gave idea to print out by 3d printer if not having the complex parts just a suggestion