Mechanical Rotating Slit Slr Camera (COUNTDOWN NOVA) Countdownova




Introduction: Mechanical Rotating Slit Slr Camera (COUNTDOWN NOVA) Countdownova

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

world exclusive first one ever! ?more twisted pics,tell me im wrong.
top left, view all steps, much easier..
practika nova, metal ,cd drives ,body filler, gears .batterys ,cutting tools for metal.motor. baked beans,various glues,screwdrivers ,polishing stuff.pliers tweesers,knives.paint, tape ,lacquer .hot air. cold air.  was going to make a horizontal scan cam but one thing led to another.

Step 1: Open Up

Step 2: Whats Wrong

its broktded

Step 3: All I Want

is film advance shutter irrelenente ee. drill through and bolt it, then work around problems later.

Step 4: I Like to Move It Move It

the thingy sticks in the gap pulling it 180 forward a frame

Step 5: Disasembel Reasembel

Step 6: � Need a Linear Aculator

the great linear aculator harvest of 2013. cd drives have several, and some switches also

Step 7: � Making It Scan

original stepper with my current driver is a bit lumpy

normal motor

now gotta make it as compact as possible

Step 8: 8mm

got the overall thickness of the slider mechanism down to about 8mm (the bit that needs to be in the camera anyway)did some test shots by holding the slit in front of my normal camera. bits where needed to cut but would leave no metal i glued extra metal and put filler on then cut.

Step 9: You Have 4 Seconds to Comply

actually 4mm , this not enougth.

Step 10: Beans Meanz Farts

horizontal scan will have to be another day.
another idea takes over the countdown
(  )
special revolving slit thingy.
below you will see the bottom of a baked beans tin . i trimmed to size with tin snips.

Step 11:

valentines day came and went.

Step 12: Dodgt Superglue

not advisable to let super glue get into one of these.

Step 13: Tearin It Up

making more space inside.also chose to use the flash switch as the electronic shutter control.

Step 14: Mirror Control Levat at Top , Shutter to Right ,

Step 15: Or Are You Just Glad to See Me

the motor almost sticks out the front

Step 16: Stopping at 12 and 6

Step 17: Gummed Up the Switch

more super glue to scrape glue next time.ols superglue tends to be slower curing and makes more of that white cloudy residue.

Step 18: If It Worked Once Its Bound to Be Fine.

this switch cuts the power at 12 and 6 the shutter gives power. . i didnt do a diagram , once past 1 the system goes automatic and stops at 6.

Step 19: You Cant Polish a Turd

but you can try and make it look nice with some glitter. wire brush ,metal polish buffing and lacquer 

Step 20: Why Me

the focus screen is mounted on spring with the screws going through the middle the tightness of the scfrews adjusts the focus point. set the lens about right then make the screen look ok. see how that does!

Step 21: Patch It

put the right hand side back together

Step 22: Keep Going

then theres the cog bit

Step 23: Try Get the Left to Fit

it went but rubbed as the screws were tightened,

Step 24: Cut It Out

going back as far as an limbodancingtimetraveller.

Step 25: Prepair for More Cutting

glue over the screw ends hope they hold when i cut em off. about 1mm holding them. and put a thin metal patch on the front wherevthe motor is.

Step 26: Magic Hot Stuff

geting the wires in place and glued out of trouble

Step 27: Mirror Lever

it uses a lot of space and lets a lot of light in. so some stuff in the way to keep it down

Step 28: Paint It Black

how many photo mod steps have that title!
any way its done ,and the screws seem to hold.

Step 29: Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer Miwwwer

theres a hole needed covering. first time attempting an actual font when engraving, that says mirror in german ,(german camera)..

miwwwer miwwwer miwwwer is the sound the camera makes.

Step 30: How Much!

trying to work out its aproximate shutter speed. and a video of it working.

Step 31: Test Run

overall  ok . the focus screen needs a 3/4 turn open. ant the thingy doesnt always catch the gap.also i still need to get a better battery holder .

Step 32: Dammit!

at an exghibition i met a tutor from my university turns out they have done the same concept, years ago. here is the link  , its typical of art school this type of occurance , a game of cat and mouse but the cat has training in sidearms.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    rejected from the valentines day contest ,maybe its some other camera that makes heart shaped photographs.