Medieval Lantern Plan

hello everybody,

I propose you a plan of an medieval lantern to realize at home. If you cant have translucid leather you can use line fabric or oiled paper; very nice on outdoor for BBQ. The plan is on scale one, you can cut the paper parts and put it on the wood, then cut it directly.

Check out on our website for more free plan : or leplanhisto on facebook.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Lantern

Check what you need:

Some wood

and parchment or linen paper, you'll put oil on it when it's done.

(any kind of vegetal oil can be use )

Step 2: Cut and Apply !!

cut the paper plan and put it directly on the wood youre going tu cut

I really hope you'll have fun realizing this lantern.

Any questions ?? Go to our Facebook page and ask what you need :

More free plans :

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