Mega Mac


Introduction: Mega Mac

making the mega mac

Step 1: Goto McDonald's and Purchase Big Mac and Double Chesse Burger

buy big Mac and double chesse burger

Step 2: Desect Mac

remove top layer and centre bread
add to.pattys together

optional add bbq sauce or choice of sauce to patty

Step 3: Desect Cheese Burger

remove bread from bottom of chesse burger ready to stack on Mac

Step 4: Complete the Mega Mac

add chesse burger to top and complete the mega mac 4 patty burger and enjoy.



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    You know, the mega mac is actually a real burger made by McDonalds that you can buy in locations like Japan... Yours is actually close to the real thing, theirs only has three patties, but has bread between each patty.

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    yeah. here in nz we have the mega mac at limited times but we have the 4 patties. exactly like a traditional one but where there is 1 pattie there are 2.

    my heart hurts just looking at this food

    the only problem i see with this is i dont have 2 of them in front of now.thanx for the idea

    My heart hurts just looking at this . . . but I'm sure it's tasty. :)