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All over the world mehndi has become an important event and this instructable shows you something really different to do with expired mehndi you have in we go :)

Step 1: Things You Need,

a mehndi/henna cone
small container
a paint brush
glue-you need to use a glue which would turn transparent when it's dry
water-not shown

Step 2: Starting,1st Step

lets start,first is to draw a guide line around the top part of the candle as shown in the pic.

Step 3: 2nd Step

all you should have is a idea of your outcome.i wanted something really different and hear it can try different styles n designs.
next part is to draw flames like structures downwards.

Step 4: 3rd Step,

fill the inner blank space as shown in the picture and keep it to dry for a hour o two.

Step 5: Mixing the Glue

when the henna on the candle is a small container,take some glue wt little amount of water.don't make it too watery,it should be a thick mixture of water n glue.

Step 6: First Coat of Glue,

apply the mixture on the henna with a paint brush.don't apply it in a up and down movement.just keep drops of mixture on henna,and it will absorb.apply it only on the henna on on the shown in the pic and let it dry.keep it on a piece of paper 2 avoid glue dripping on your work top.

Step 7: Second Coat of Glue..

when the first coat of glue dries,apply another glue coat over it.and let it dry for about 3 hours.

Step 8: DONE!

you are done!!! enjoy a real henna candle light dinner ;)

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18 Discussions


2 years ago

In the photo the candle is lit, but the information says not to light. I am confused


4 years ago

Hi! Can PVA glue be used? And would I need to add a bit of water in it too?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

yes, any regular school glue can be used which are white and dries clear. if the consistency of the glue is very thin, you need not add water. if it's thick add a bit of water to make it thin to make it easier to apply


4 years ago

Well, now I just gotta play with all my candles! LOL This is absolutely beautiful. I'm going to try it with some traditional Javanese batik designs! Thanks for sharing this spectacular idea :-)

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you, I'm soo glad you like them :-) Show me what you come up with, i would love to see you version of the candles xxx