Melting Hamburgers



I decided to melting hamburgers would be cool to see how fast different processed meats broke down while submerged in Hydrocloric acid. The steps are as followed


Step 1: Step One: Buy Hamburger

For this expirement you will need to buy different kinds of hamburger meat. For mine I bought Wendy's storebought and organic meat. You should use a spectrum so you can see the difference. 

Step 2: Step Two: Set Up Expirement

Set up as many ring stands as you need for the expirement and clamp a strip of the cooked hamburger patty to it. Fill a small beaker with 40ml of Hydrocholoic acid. (if you need more feel free) WARNING this chemical is very dangerous. It is corrosive to body tissue and it can burn you. Always take safety measures and read the MSDS for the chemical you are working with. 

Step 3: Starting the Reaction

Now you can submerge the hamburger in the acid and start to watch. The reaction should take about 5 hours so expect to check up on it a few times

Step 4: Watch and Record

After the expiriment record your results and dispose of the chemicals properly. 



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