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Introduction: Memory Holder

great way for a child to display their memories on their wall...easy access. with a little help from mom or dad a child could help make this. there are pockets that hold photos or ticket stubs, etc. also i included a drop down photo holder that fits in behind the baseball. at the bottom are hooks to hang stuff from.

Materials needed:
1. canvas that is pretreated with gesso
2. acyrlic paint
3. clear photo pocket
4. wooden dowel
5. ribbon
6. 7 hooks
8. letters and numbers of your choice
9. small white garage sale tags
10. mini brads
11. chalk
12. black or white thread

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Step 1: Preparing the Canvas

buy white canvas that already has gesso on it from your local fabric or craft store. cut to size (i cut it 36 inches long). turn up each end about 2 inches and stitch a 1/4 inch seam. you need to be able to slide a rod in it. then proceed to paint both sides the desired color using acyrlic paint. once the paint dries you can use chalk and write whatever you like on the background.

Step 2: Make Pockets Etc

now it is time to prepare all the pockets and cropped pieces. cut pockets etc desired size and paint. position them on the canvas where you would like them and pin, then sew them in place. i used a zig zag stitch on one. print your photo on cardstock and sew it on also. i also used mini brads that i got at my local scrapbooking store to attach some of the items.

Step 3: Baseball

well we are just about finished...cut out and paint the baseball. you will need a 4X6 photo holder that holds 9's one you use in a photo album. i just cut it and taped with clear tape to make it the size i wanted it. insert the photos and the fold it up and tuck behind the ball...for the name i used mail box letters and then distressed them using sand paper. at the very bottom of the wall hanging i attached hooks with brads. i tied a string to each end of the rod for hanging and i attached a ribbon at the top of the wall hanging with drop down tags with the word July on them.

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