Men's Hard Backpack




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Let's make a backpack for men.

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting Pattern

1. To sketch
2. Draw patterns on graph paper
3. Select Color-leather, thread, edgecoat, etc.
4. Place the patterns, and cut the leather and lining.

Step 2: To Make the Handle

1. Strong leather connect the two rings.
2. Rings have stitched so as not to fall.
3. Two rings wrap gives the leather a leather connected to another.
4. Penetrate the center of the leather wrapped and allows stitching.
5. Give place to hold the handle position.
6. Drill holes for connecting the handle to the leather connected to body.
7. The connection between the holes drilled put the handle you created earlier and d-ring shoulder straps are attached.
8. And fixed to each other by rivets.

Step 3: Creating the Bag Cover

1. Try to cover each part to be assembled.
2. After holding the position of each part and makes the stitch-bonding according to the order.

Step 4: Front Pocket

1. The magnet lock is attached to the front part and the cover.
2. The sewing made of each part of the pocket is attached to the front of the bag.
3. It gives place to hold the accessories of the cover and the connections that lock.

Step 5: Let's Connect the Front, Back, Bottom.

1. Attach the metal accessories on the bottom portion.
2. Connect the parts made so far.
3. The back part of sewing a "x" shape and so more durable.

Step 6: Connect the Side Parts

1. It makes the guard not to fall on top of things.
2. To bonding and stitching
3. Apply cleaner to the side finishing.(edgecoat)

Step 7: Make Shoulder Straps

1. Put the sponge makes two shoulder pads.
2. It gives drill holes to adjust the length of the shoulder pads.
3. Attach the metal accessories for connection to the body.
4. Connecting to the body.



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Will you be converting this into an actual "instructable" any time so that others may follow to make their own version of this wonderful backpack? Maybe add some instructions on cutting/stitching/measuring/putting together?


    2 years ago

    do you have templates, a list of materials required at what tools are necessary? thanks


    3 years ago

    I wanna this back.

    Could I buy?


    3 years ago

    How do you choose the leather to achieve the "hardness" or "stiffness" of the backpack?


    3 years ago

    Would love to see the detail of how you put the pieces together. Looks great

    1 reply