Metal Katana (from a Pipe)




How to make your own ninja katana (sword) from a simple metal pipe. Any pipe will do but sword depends on the pipe.

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Step 1: Materals + Equipment

You need is a straight length of pipe = the length of the pipe is the length of the finished sword.

a hammer = the bigger the better =)

a hard flat surface = awork bench or (if your like me} the pavement in my beckyard.

leather = for the handle (optional)

Step 2: Marking

Mark out where the handle will be by comfortably putting your hand around the base then put a scratch or marker pen mark just above your hand.

Step 3: The Blade

To make the blade get a hammer and put the pipe on the hard surface.
Going from the end of the pipe hammer the pipe flat until you come to the mark you made.
keep on turning the pipe around to hammer on the other side of the blade to keep it looking equal.
After this hammer out the bumps and keep doing this until the blade is completely straight.

Step 4: Handle

This is completely optional

wrap some leather around the handle using strong glue to keep it in place.

Step 5: Sharpen Blade

also optional

now use the hammer and just keep on hammering around the edges.
thisd will make the edges very fine and sharp.

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      10 years ago on Introduction

      and here is my katana....pardon....ninjato, made by myself :P I call her Nancy


      11 years ago on Introduction

      The sword a Ninja uses is called a Ninjato, and not a Katana

      I was making a katana in my garage because the floor is really smooth and my dad came in and flipd out on me. I told him it wasn't sharp and that it was for lookes and I hit his pegboard and it got stuck in it and he flipped out even more and told me if he saw me using it for anything but cutting wattermellons he would use it on me!
      < >

      2 replies

      11 years ago on Introduction

      Have you ever actually done this? If so can you show me a picture of the finished product? ( A real picture, not the one you whipped up in paint )

      2 replies

      Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

      Okay, thanks! Oh, and another question, how long will the hammering be if i used a simple, common hammer? ( Not a very big one )