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About: Dan Goldwater is a co-founder of Instructables. Currently he operates MonkeyLectric where he develops revolutionary bike lighting products.

This guide shows how to test and mount a bare Video Pro kit onto a bike wheel.

If your Video Pro is already mounted to a bike wheel, skip this guide and go straight to the Operations Guide

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Step 1: Selecting a Bike Wheel

Most 26" and larger bike wheels can be fit with the standard Video Pro.  Video Pro for 20" and 24" wheels is available by custom request.  Fit notes:

- The maximum hub diameter is 58mm.
- 32 spoke wheels are recommended for balance and ease of installation.  More than 32 spokes may require removal of a spoke to insert the sticks.
- Installation is easier on a front wheel
- Disc brakes are not recommended since they will obscure part of the display.
- 26" wheels are recommended over 700c since the display will function at a slightly lower cycling speed.
- For 26" wheels, up to 21mm rim width can be fit (nearly any normal wheel)
- For 700c wheels, "deep V" rims are recommended for appearance.  There will be less empty space between the outside of the display and the edge of the rim.  Up to 48mm rim width can be fit.

Step 2: Unpack 4 Sticks


(Note: This instruction has many "photo notes".  Move your mouse over the yellow squares in the photos to read the notes)

The 4 sticks are unique.  They are labeled A, B, C, D on both sides.

All 4 boards also have a serial number.  The B and D boards contain a matched pair of batteries, they must never be mixed with a different serial number B or D board.  They must never be connected to the charger except as a fully assembled wheel.

The A and C boards each have 2 foam blocks stuck to their connector area.  Remove the blocks and SAVE them for later.

If you have more than one Video Pro kit, check the serial numbers and match them up into sets of 4.

Step 3: Parts, Accessories and Tools

You may have received some of these with your Video Pro:

- a bicycle wheel (if pre-installed)
- a protective bag for a bicycle wheel (use for storage and transport of an installed kit)
- assembly hardware
- downloading and programming cables

Step 4: Installing the Screws and Spacers to a and C Sticks

Normally the Video Pro will be supplied with 4 screws and 4 spacers already attached to the A and C sticks. 

If you need to install it yourself see the photo notes.

Step 5: How the Pieces Fit Together


Each Video Pro stick has 2 mating areas where it plugs into other sticks. 

The A and C sticks have a row of 28 gold pins on each mating area.  Do not remove the rubber seal around the pins.

* Check that the all the gold pins are straight.  They may have been bent during transport or storage.  You can un-bend them with your fingernail or a small screwdriver.

The B and D sticks have a matching socket on each mating area.  Do not remove the rubber cover.

On the bottom side of the sticks, each mating area has an alignment arrow to ensure it is plugged correctly.  The alignment arrows are marked: W, X, Y, Z.  See the photos.

Step 6: Testing the Kit

Lay out the 4 sticks exactly in the order shown (move your mouse over the image to see the notes).  If you check the bottom side you can see the W, X, Y, Z arrows are matched up.

Fit together in order (each step is shown in a photo):

(1) align the "X" mating arrows between B and C, and press B down onto C.  squeeze the mating area together.

(2) align the "Y" mating arrows between C and D, and press D down onto C.  squeeze together

(3) align both "Z" and "W" mating arrows on A with the matching areas on B and D.  squeeze together.

(4) Locate the buttons on the A stick.   press and hold the RESET button for 2 seconds.  Then press the POWER button.  You should see 4 green dots.  Then press the B3 button to show the rainbow test pattern.  All 4 boards should show moving rainbow lights.

(5) unplug the 4 boards, reversing the order of assembly.

Step 7: Installing Into a Wheel, Part 1

* press a foam pin protector onto one of the stick C mounts as shown

* slide stick B between spokes until it is "inside" the spokes

* slide stick C inside the spokes as shown

* align and press together B and C (alignment arrow X)

* put 2 washers and 2 nuts on by hand

* screw the nuts on using a screwdriver and nutdriver.  this is most easily done with the wheel hanging over the edge of a table as shown.

* after B and C are attached, slide stick D into the spokes next to stick C.

* Remove the foam protector only just before you are ready to press together C and D.

* screw together C and D. (alignment arrow Y)

* insert stick A, press into place (alignment arrow Z and alignment arrow W).  put on all 4 nuts by hand before tightening with the drivers.

Step 8: Installing Into Wheel, Part 2

After all the 4 sticks are screwed together, the Video Pro must be aligned with the spokes and secured.

* Line up the tips of the 4 sticks with 4 spokes on the wheel.

* Check that the electrical parts of the stick do not rub against any spokes (normally this is only possible with 36 or more spokes).

* attach the tip of each stick to a spoke using 1 cable tie and 1 rubber mounting block as shown.

* before fully tightening the cable ties, check that the Video Pro is centered on the wheel.  After centering completely, fully tighten the ties.

* clip the ends of the cable ties.

Step 9: Installing Onto Wheel, Part 3

The Video Pro must be secured from wiggling back and forth inside the spokes.  Each stick has 2 slots that can be used to strap the device so it is locked in place between the spokes.

* Use two ties on each stick to center the Video Pro between the spokes.

* By pulling the Video Pro in the 2 opposite directions at once, it is locked in place and can't wiggle.

* Each stick has an outer slot and an inner slot that can be used depending on the wheel geometry.

* For less permanent installations, you can strap only 2 sticks instead of all 4.

Step 10: Install Complete

Installation is complete.

Next: Video Pro Operating Instructions

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      Been looking for these povs
      but where is the pdf for this instructable??

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      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      PS: I understood that with 3 sticks your needed speed is around 7mph - I take that since this is video dispite having 4 sticks that is the need for aditional speed for image stability?

      lastly I notice in your images the lights seem edge to center - but here i see a gap towards the outside of the rim - can this be filled with additonal leds?

      do they fill a 28" wheel? - as i have

      again thanx

      - chase -