Mice for the Kitty Cats





Introduction: Mice for the Kitty Cats

I made a few of these mice for all the cats in my life. They are cat-tested and approved!

These can made with any scrap yarn (this was some leftover Lion Brand Wool), size 8 dpns and a pattern from the book Stitch and Bitch Nation.



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    Hey! Nice, i would love the Snitch and Bitch Nation PDF, could you send it to me? fernandes.uriel@gmail.com

    I <3 this mouse, can somebody sent me the pattern?

    Hey Katie Harris! would you be able to pass on that pattern for the mouse? I don't have access to a KNit n Bitch book as from Australia and rural town etc. My friend in America however is a cat-lover so thought I'd make it for a fun gift ;)

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    I don't think she can share the pattern from a copyright book. Body: For you seasoned knitters out there or even those of you that have made mittens or gloves or have patterns for either, this looks like it is essentially the same as making a thumb on a glove or mitten. So I am going to try it that way in the round on DPN's as suggested. Make it a bit wider for a larger mouse. Cast on one stitch and increase one stitch every row until desired width of body is achieved, knit in round until desired length achieved and simply pull yarn through all stitches to sinch it closed. Hope this helps. Ears & Tail: As far as the accents go I think I will try the ears as follows. Cast on 6 stitches and decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of each row until 3 stitches (1/2 # cast on) remain then bind-off traditionally. Tail: Looks like she used a small i-cord....for those of you not familiar with making i-cords or like me and prefer not to I am simply going to do a simple chain in crochet. Another option is to do a twist. Take a long piece of yarn and twist at both ends until it begins to spiral into itself....then just sew to mouse. Good luck!

    Hi, has eny boby tried putting the toys in a jar with catnip? It does not last as long as if it is put inside.It works well for pompom balls(unless your cat has already put them in the black hole where socks and cat toys go)and other cloth toys as a tempory catnip taste.I have 41 house cats and this works good till all the balls are gone to the "black hole".I can get some very nice toys for my kitties at "www.petloverspalace.com"

    Hello from Canada. I am very interested in the mouse for the cats. Is it possible you are able to send me the pattern. Thanks and God Bless Pastor Barbara gentle.hearts@sympatico.ca

    Most Kind, Most Esteemed Katie Harris, Please forgive me for writing once again, but I just cannot get over it all - the internet experience, plus your blog!!! - I found you through running a search in Google, entitled 'knitting+cats'. And what delightful readers you have: so very curious (just like me!), so very loving, and so very very creative!!! I have read their comments, and all I can say is that we, all women, the world over, just seem to be one and the same in a certain respect: we are so very nurturing (not only with our children, but also with any living thing that cries out for help, be it poor homeless animals,e.g. any living thing that needs protection), sooo creative, and so very very productive! I am new at the internet, and tried to find how-to directions as to knitting patterns on a site called you-tube, only to discover that it is banned here. Should you, or your blog friends have the time, I would love to share cat patterns with you. (My patterns are limited to Anatolian kitties). Keep well,

    Oh, and PS: Should you ever wish to try out pure 'tiftik' hand drindled wool (is something special to villages over here in Anatolia: is made from the left over sheavings of a special kind of yoghurt fed goat, one does not dye it, but knits as is), I should be more than happy to send you some. When I knit gloves and socks with this, my kitties go absoultely crazy; İ don't quite know why. Anyway, Just let me know. Best

    Oh my!!! I just discovered your cat home & directions to it!!! This is great, because in addition to my kitties at home, I feed stray cats, which there are plenty of over here. Every winter I would put carton boxes with old clothes inside them so that they would have a place to stay, but İ am going to try and make the house you have on this blog, and will begin 'construction' :) this weekend. Thank you for sharing - the internet is awesome, really! - and many many cats will have you in their hearts this coming winter.

    Dearest Katie Harris, Your blog is just adorable! I am proud mother to 7 cats, over here in Turkey! Should you be kind enough, I would love to have directions for your pet toy; mine have a few toys, but none so cute as yours :) Their toys were all purchased from stores, thus never had that homemade feeling, is maybe why my kitties are not all that interested in them. Should you, or any of your bloggers wish for knitting patterns from this part of the world, I would be more than happy to scan & send them to you. Take care, keep well, and please write us about you, and about your cats on your blog. turtlesleepy@yahoo.com

    I've made this little mice, they ARE awesome! So quick to stitch up, too. 100% kitteh uhprooved.

    This is very cute...could you please email me the pattern to bright_rose9@yahoo.com? Thank you in advance I have 3 cats that will love you for it

    Katie, could you email me the pdf too. it looks great and my cat is hard to entertain. pammy@fidnet.com Thanks

    I'd love to have that pattern. I have 4 cats and need to keep them occupied. My email address is wen_dee1@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

    Katie , could you please send me the patttern? I would reaLLY APPRECIATE IT. Thank you in advance. dorisdubbert@shaw.ca

    it's stuffed with "clusterstuff" -- you can buy it at any fabric store or even walmart. mix in a little catnip if you really want to drive the cats crazy!