Introduction: Minecraft

Step 1: Step1.

MAKE a 8 by 10 square

Step 2: Step 2.

Then go up 3 blocks

Step 3: Step3.

Then make a roof to your house

Step 4:

And you can finish it how you want to:)



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    5 Discussions

    Very helpful especially for survival. um perhaps next time make your title more interesting, instead of MINECRAFT. like you could've gone Cute 'N' Simple MINECRAFT HOUSE. just a little pointer/tip! this will really help me though so thank you very much for this instructable. BTW, hi!

    It's simple and quite useful for beginners, maybe next time you should label it that way!

    Ok sorry

    Its not a square if its a 8×10 because a squares sides are all the same, its a rectangle.