Minecraft Farming 101

Introduction: Minecraft Farming 101

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welcome! today were going to learn tips and tricks of farming!

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Step 1: Carrots, Potatoes, Melons, Pumpkins and Wheat

from left to right its Carrots, potatoes, melons, pumpkins and wheat. they can only be planted in tilled soil within a 9 block radius of a water source

Step 2: Quick Tip

you can use seeds (of any type) to breed chickens, carrots for pigs and rabbits and wheat for cows and sheep (if you have dogs ((tame wolves with bones)) you use any type of meat to breed them raw of cooked even rotten flesh)

Step 3:

when you harvest carrots and potatoes they give you 1-3 per plant, when you harvest melons it gives you 3-7 melon slices, when you harvest a pumpkin it gives you the whole pumpkin (can be crafted into 4 pumpkin seeds) wheat gives 1 wheat and 1-3 seeds

Step 4:

potato (cooked in furnace) 3 hunger points

carrot (raw) 2 hunger points

melon slice (raw) 1 hunger point per slice

pumpkin (can not be eaten by itself, must be crafted into a pumpkin pie) 4 hunger points

(pumpkin pie crafting recipe: 1 pumpkin, 1 egg, 1 sugar: in a L shape)

Step 5: Cocoa Bean Farm

First build a wall (however large you wish) of JUNGLE WOOD not planks and then you can take a cocoa bean seeds (you find cocoa beans in jungles growing on the trees and when you destroy them it drops 1-3 cocoa bean seeds) and place it in the jungle wood wall and there will appear a cocoa pod, when its all grown it should look big and have a much darker color then when you planted it! you can use cocoa beans to make cookies, 1 cocoa bean in the middle and 2 wheat on either side of the bean: makes 8 cookies and each cookie fills 1 hunger point

Step 6: Sugarcane

first start with a platform of either SAND or DIRT it does not matter because it grows equally good on both. make a checkerboard pattern with the chosen block and line the sides with any block of your choice. fill the holes with water. now the problem i find is that when you run through the farm you get caught in the holes of water the answer for that is..... LILYPADS! if you place lilypads in the water holes then you can walk right on top of them! (yes i am a clone trooper, commander cody to be precise) now you can place your sugar cane down and after some time it will grow and you can harvest them! bye and thanks for looking! have fun and keep crafting! questions and comments appreciated!

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