Minecraft- Steve's RV




it is steve's RV.

here is how i built this:

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Step 1: Build the Wheel

1 . take any black block and start by laying four of them on the plane. build a tyre and put a clay block in it for wheel.

Step 2: Another Wheel

2. make a horizontal block bar. and build another wheel.

Step 3: Mirror It

3. now build a mirror copy of your structure and join them.

Step 4: Go Inside and Start Building

4. now start building the body of RV from inside. first clear any extra blocks.

Step 5: Exteriors

5. go outside the bus and start building the exterior. put the doors too.

Step 6: Interiors

6. now go inside and build floor of RV in fly mode. finally put the glasses for windows, front and back.

7. now place beds in the back of it.

Step 7: Add Comfort

8.now build sofa using stair and tile.

9. when interiors are done. put some torches or lamps for light.

Step 8: Add Some Features

10. use lamps for headlights and indicators.

Step 9: Add a Rooftop

11 now add rooftop and its done.

i m sure steve's gonna like it.

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11 months ago

i like it but i'll have to build it on my tablet.


4 years ago on Introduction

i like it but you should add measurements and show how to make it in more detail!!


5 years ago

Very Impressive!