Minecraft- Steve's Yatch

build a yatch for steve.......

Step 1: Base

to build a yatch you need a large plain land. in minecraft pe type this seed- (flat land). and you will get a lot of plain land.

1. build a base as shown in pic-1.

2. now start building the structure as shown in the images. lowest part of your yatch is done.

Step 2: First Floor

extend the walls and build a small room then extend the roof of the room to cover whole yatch. ( as shown in pictures.

Step 3: Second Floor

build second floor

Step 4: Stairs

build stairs from first floor to top floor

Step 5: Pool

build a pool on second floor

Step 6: Secret Base

build a tnt godown in the base

Step 7: Water

fill water using water bucket

Step 8: Captain's Cabin and Dock

build a cabin for the captain and a dock.

enjoy :)



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    4 years ago

    I made a rennaissance yacht with a lot of sails xD