Mini Altoids Stove




Introduction: Mini Altoids Stove

 good for cooking small portions. what you will need:
- empty altoids container
- wire coat hanger
- pliers 

Step 1: Bend

 bend the 2 pieces of wire from the coat hanger into this shape, best fitting your container size

Step 2: Take Lid and Container Apart


Step 3:

 put the wires inside the container like shown in the picture.

Step 4: Put Lid on Top

 the altoids lid is going to work as your pan.

Step 5: Test

 i put some paper in the container as my fuel.



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    Citrus is combustible: try taking a lighter and squeezing some orange or lemon in front of it lightly.

    Don't forget to file off all of the ink on the top tray or it will make bad fumes and sooty black crap.

    ive been looking for a simple stove and this is perfect!!!


    It would also be a good personal marshmallow roaster, if your camping with a fire, then scoop up a coal or too, and then noone will hog you perfect little marshmallow spot :)

    awesome but that kinda metel will melt sooner or later

    I used the bottom inch or so of a soda can and placed a square from the can on top of that. the fuel goes in the bottom of it and works pretty well I kinda improvised cuz I didn't have any altoids tins it works well

    I believe it is just a "V" or "L" shape, but I will have to make one and post more descriptive pictures in a slide show. Don't worry, BenEatsNails, I won't make an instructable, just a slideshow..

    noo the pancakes are on fire!!!!!!!!! cool im makin this and ill use it when school starts i go camping for a week on the first week

    Can you put a pic of it. I can't tell what shape it is. thanks.

     thanks! I am thinking about making a alcohol stove out of a altoids tin.