Mini Potato Gun With Sniper Mod



Introduction: Mini Potato Gun With Sniper Mod

I decided to make a mini potato gun, but aiming it was a pain so I've decided to make a sniper version of it. Here i will show you how to make it.

(main turret design from M82 Barret)

items you need:
Pen [ hollowed ]
half a pen or rose water storage [ I'm not sure whats its called.. ]
plastic container [ to enclose your eye ]
2 tacs
drill bits
tape [preferably electric]

some pictures are bad and this is my 1st instructable yay!

{WARNING: this is pretty dangerous ,do not shoot at people and/or animals { unless allowed by your state/province }

Step 1: Put It Together

star by drilling [ or using your knife ] a whole just off by a little from the center of the bottle.
this helps the sniper to be more accurate.
take the pen and drill 3 holes on the front end that tape the cut plastic to the holes
tape the pen to the chamber [ bottle] wrap it so it becomes something like a cone and is secure.
drill or puncture [ drill if you have brittle plastic like me ]

Step 2: Igniter Installation

after drill or puncturing wrap the uncoated wire around the tacs then push into chamber close by the turret ,and tape secure along with the igniter,but make sure that there is enough space between the tacs to place the scope do NOT tape the igniter between the tacs.

Step 3: Scope Building

drill hole in the eyepiece ans make sure its big enough to fit the smaller tube, drill a 1/2 cm hole at the end of the small tube, this will be what you are going to look through. tape secure the tube to the eyepiece ,now if transparent wrap the tape around the scope to enclose all the light coming form it [ only leave 2 holes,eyepiece and the 1/2 cm hole at the end,do not cover ].

Step 4: Tape the Scope

Tape the scope to the gun and give a 3 degrees angle scope so your bullet hits where you looking.
also only give in a little bit of fuel [ axe,hair freshener, or any flammable item ]
Thats all and have fun
[ couldn't take a video cause i didnt have enough space on the cam
ill post it later ]

have fun and dont hurt anybody. ill make an next instructable for making dart for this gun.

Enjoy ,

Instructable by: sharku



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