Mini Boiler




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a boiler of steam engine modle


Step 1: Make Holes on Can

make two holes on one side and then put a piece of pipe in it for measuring the level of water and then make a big hole in the center of can then cover in with nut and a bolt this is the way of water inlet

Step 2: Steam Outlet Way

make another hole besides of water inlet hole then put a copper pipe in it and seal it with silicon then make a stand of boiler.

Step 3: Make a Stande for Boiler

cut a steel sheet then cut two holes on it then make two bars from aluminium sheet piece then place them downside of the boiler just like the your boiler is ready



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a dangerous boiler with no safety valve. To say that pressure can be relieved through whatever is hooked up to it as long as consumption is sufficient ignores they fact that no one knows what consumption is sufficient -- particularly a child who might follow these instructions, ignores the fact that blockages occur in lines, ignores the fact that there is no regulation of heat or description of maximum burner size, ignores the fact that pressure increases as the water boils down, ignores the fact that running low on water can breech the can. And finally ignores the fact that ALL steam explosions in the past ocurred when consumption was for any of a hundred reasons below the pressure level required to cause the explosion. Instructables, as others have said, please remove this dangerous set of instructions. Please.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've used one in the past to power a homemade steam engine. It never
    blew up on me. They are assuming that you will be using it to build up a
    lot of pressure. How much pressure it takes to power your device is
    what is important. If it's less than the pressure needed to blow the
    boiler then, no problem because the pressure is relieved through the
    device. Just don't expect it to power anything that takes a lot of


    4 years ago

    Rick is right. the gauge is to thin. the material is wrong. your looking at a small grenade. to find a relief valve wouldn't work. it would still have to be tested to the working pressure of the vessel that its installed to. even safety relief. still it looks cool but highly dangerous


    4 years ago on Introduction

    No No No Please. This is little more than a small bomb.

    A tin can is FAR FAR too thin to take pressure - and there WILL be pressure. It will corrode and weaken.

    At worst this should have a pressure relief valve on it, It should be pressure tested to at least twice it's normal working pressure and even then It is unsafe.

    Please, Please, Instructables take this down for everyone's safety.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    In passing if you want credentials my father was a steam engineer all his life and made many many steam engines and boilers (properly and safely).