Mini Paper Clip People

well this is my first instructable but i hope it turns out ok in this one i will show you how to make mini people out of paper clips

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Step 1:

what you will need
3 paper clips
soldering wire
soldering gun
pliers (just in case)

Step 2:

straighten out the paper clips

Step 3:

fold the two ends of the paper clip togeather to make the head sorry about the focus

Step 4:

wrap the other two pieces togeather in the center to make the body

Step 5:

put the head on top of the twist on the body this is the hardest stepand wrap the the ends of the head paper clip over the arms and ben the little extra down to the top of the legs

Step 6:

now solder at the neck and the crotch

Step 7:

now have fun i made a little very stong grapple hook (will put a instructable for the grapple hook if i get comments asking me to) and he is hanging from my air vent penny for scale and yes that is a spider in the back round it is as big as my head i have a lot more creppy stuff like that hanging on my walls oh and the paper clip guy is a spy now

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    12 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Man, I loved making these fellows back when I was a kid. I used a slightly different method, but they looked similar.

    I'd leave them everywhere sitting in different poses for people to find. :P


    8 years ago on Step 7

    plz make grappling hook!

    hey i am so sorry but i wont be able to get the grapple hook up i broke my camera so i will let u no when i get it fixed