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Introduction: Mini Potato Gun Hot Glue Gun

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here is a neat little gun I built to help with how hard it is on you're finger to light that tiny pizo ignighter. it fires airsoft bbs at about 200-250 fps do not try to build this gun unless you have experience with mini potato guns or else you will have a very hard time building it and trouble shooting. this gun is very sensitive on what it uses for fuel.

UPDATE the pizo ignighter broke so I am going to try my luck with a camera flash. also I have upgraded the barrel to a metal one I got out of an old airsoft gun. and last using butane nearly doubles the power of the gun and is sounds like a 22cal rifle going off


I have stopped using the cap right now I just hold my finger over the hole and it works just fine if not better

Step 1: Get All Youre Stuff

1 old hot glue gun

2 good hot glue gun that works

3 bic pen all taken apart so all you have left is the pen body

4 a highlighter

5 a pen cap

6 pizo ighightor

7 2 thumbtacks

8 some kind of brass part from a cars brake line?

8 nut glued into bottlecap


1 phillips screwdriver
1 multy tool

Step 2: Take Apart Hot Glue Gun

remove all the stuff in you're hot glue gun keeping the trigger and glue the pezo ignighter so when you pull the trigger the pezo clicks

Step 3: Combustion Chamber and Barrle

cut the highlighted in half and cut the end off the pen cap(the purple thing) then use it to hold the pen to the highlighted. and glue together glue the brake line fitting on the cut end of the highlighter. and enter thumbtacks. on both sides. I used one screw so I can tune the spark gap size and cut cap tip so barrel can fit thru it this will hold it secure to the hot glue gun.

Step 4: Bringing Hot Glue Gun to Combustion Chamber

hook up all wiring from the pizo to the combustion chamber and click it. you should see a spark jump from the pins. if not then make it work. and set the combustion chamber and barrel in there new home. DO NOT GLUE SO YOU CAN REMOVE IT TO CLEAN YOURE GUN. and don't chop off the end of the barrel. it will reduce the power of you're gun and it wont look like an uzi anymore.

Step 5: Put the Case Together

put the case together and bolt it down and look in the back where the bolt pops out. and pull the trigger do you see a spark if you do than good. if not then take it all back apart and find the problem.

Step 6: Time for the Test.

put propane or butane down the back of the gun. I prefer butane. screw on the back and drop something down the barrel like a 6mm bb. point at something and fire. if nothing happens press 5 more times open cap and lightly blow into back and try again.



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    10 years ago

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    how much fps do u get out of this if u use butane compared to hairspray

    can u use a threaded air soft barrel and put a piece of paper so the bb would not fall down instead of dropping it down the barrel

    ok do u know where u can get a multi tool because I opened half of it and the parts are out of place now and I cant open the case now

    You can fire just about anything out of it that you can from any other mini potato gun

    but the gas would propel the bb out of the barrel allowing u to put in new gas I guess

    how do u make a magizine for the gun so u don't have to drop the bbs down the barrel

    1 reply

    Im not sure how you would make that work, you need to have an open breech so when you put in new gas the old exhaust can go out the barrel.

    i made somthing similar, a MAGNUM out of a old cap gun and redbull shot (empty of course) ans a small peice of pipe to fit snugly in the shot, and made it up and it wasnt working , so i tipped it back and fired, no eye brows and eye lashes :( moral of the story, lighter fluid is heavier than air so it sinks down

    this thing is insane. I made a bigger chamber and use a special mix of 60 percent propane and 40 butane did need to put in some isolation because i started melting my gun because chamber is made of magnesium so mare heat but no elctric conduction did need to use a drill but still great design

    hello. i have a hot glue gun but it has the triangle screws...any ideas of where to get the screwdriver ??..thanks.

    2 replies

    I had that problem once too i just uzsea a real small alan wrench

    once again only use butane or propane its a finicy gun and will not fire as good as it can with hairspray. rember hairspray and deoderent are only flamable beacuse of one or two parts. all the stuff that wont burn just gets left behind. butane and propane is all boom and no poop burning cleaner and you can use a higher mix ratio.

    i have no idea what ur talking about when u say hollow compressor thing u dont have a picture of it outside the highliter and i dont know what 2 do could u explain but other than that its a really awesome desighn

    1 reply

    found out its not a air comresser part. Its something from a brakeline from a truck. (i save everything) I would go to autozone and search the random fitting area untill you find something useful.

    anything that has butine propane or any other flamable substance in it will work