Mini Powered Fan

Introduction: Mini Powered Fan

so i have a house at a ski resort and i go up during the summer to golf problem is it doesnt have air conditioning only heating ao it gets really really hot in there i have fans  there but i just dedcided to make a handheld one i went to the shack to get some supplies for my bike project and accidently came home with a ton of excess stuff i didn't need sso i made a fan 
1.5-3v motor
some sort of fan blades i got mine from a broken helicopter
circuit board (optional but its where i mounted my fan)
on/off switch 
1 or 2 AA batteries (much stronger with two)
soldering iron
really easy

Step 1: Connecting the Batterys (if You Dont Have a Battery Clip)

how i did it was cut some small wire and soldered them together remember if you are doing this to have the positve connected to the negative then solder some wire onto the fronts and run them into the circuit board

Step 2: Batteries and Switch

connect the batteries by some wire or if you have battery holders run the wire through the circuit board and connect the positive to the switch

Step 3: Motor and Blades

I took some blades from an old broken helicopter a they are about two inches long and diameter of the circle the blades make when spinning.
take the motor and put the blades on how ever you want super glue is what i used and it works pretty well. note you could add however many blades you want up to probably 4

Step 4: Final Test

it works good and is nice i think because i had two AA batterys which was the max for the engine which could take up to 3v. here is a photo of it in action as you see its going fast so don't touch the blades

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    4 years ago

    cool I did this with an RC car motor!