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Introduction: Mini Rocket Stove From Chips Box

mini rocket stove from chips box
once upon a time in a galaxy far far away...
i read ...
idea from :

"The rocket stove is a special version of the group to mass stoves. The mass stoves about a massive body slowly picks up the heat and slowly surrendered. Thus, most of the heat is not waste it for example in the event that opened the door and all the hot air flows out of the house or foil. Such a graph of a very large jar with a loss, if the heating works on the principle that air in the room directly futeni try.

This is not new inventions. A furnace or an experimental tile capital of example mass stoves. In fact even a wall work mass stoves. My brother for example, is so hard mass stoves heats the surrounding walls to radiate heat for a long time even if the fire does not burn (well, this is not the most efficient version).

The rocket stove is different from a usual stove that comes in a Combustion chamber immediately after the "heat riser" (hot) - which is nothing like a well-sealed tube. This is something on top ( an iron barrel), which is suddenly turns back to the smoke and begins to flow downward. This works the same way as a structure hot hard - cardiac effects. The iron barrel and transforms this negative pressure thrust. So long as the air is hard on the inside while the hard heart, and blow the rest of the system.

All this works well, because the sealed inner hard to develop as large ho knows that what a traditional stove smoke drained out through the chimney, the secondary ignition of a rocket is coming due. A well-built rocket is not very well work for you walk smoke. For all that is hot to be able to store, to come into the picture of the crowd. This is a bench in General, a walking surface, a wall or something like that. In this tome the media smoke stove (hot air) coming out long can be passed without any problems - the aforementioned effect of wind. The structure is enough to push the hot air through the crowd and, if I is designed for all the crowd take over and that the hot exhaust of the withers just the warm air comes out.

I have never built a rocket stove. I saw one work. It was amazing how the murmur, and as many of the really small amount of hot cast that includes wooden packed. In addition, eye drops before yesterday I saw a rocket stoves in  a pad, but not because of the good hours. If you are lucky, you might even be able to ask the owner my pictures, because he is a member of the forum.

The foil to heat related but it is my opinion that the crowd  itself may be enough if the tent is insulated from the north it during the day and the sun is shining, and the mass is concentrated. Amazing how much energy can the prism few days to collect. Dan Rojas was swamped with youtube sun idea better and better. GREENPOWERSCIENCE. In short, a well-functioning missile technology seems my ass, but I prefer to heat my apartment used as to feed the fire run the film. Because the rocket is to be constantly nurtured. Of course, cold dark days may be no better solution. So either the endo principle idea of the home and the film can be built.

In addition, the permaculture group on Yahoo a couple week we talked about that a long compost pile in the middle of the foil can work wonders to cultivate. The compost can theoretically produce enough heat to keep the temperature is above freezing. The insulation is key here, however.

thenceforward i built

- empty tin boxes, holes were drilled
- Inserting the chips in box
- The chimney of an old lawnmower reel and constructed of iron waste
- Uploaded with gravel, earth
- I cut a hole in the top and finished

the stack height to be increased

I was surprised how effective

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I'm really sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but this article is very difficult to read. Please find a person with better English skills who can help you with the translation.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks fascinating! As it appears you could understand the machine-translated text well enough to know how to build the stove, could you translate some of the key details?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Building materials :
    Large tin can(popcorn, chips, cookies, etc) for the main body
    Smaller tin can(large soup can?) for the fuel feed hole
    Iron Core from a large motor(although I suggest removing, and recycling the copper wire first... was this to add thermal mass?) for the vertical cylinder
    Gravel(be careful here, quartz which is present in most commercial gravel, has a nasty habit of exploding like rock popcorn, when heated. instead, consider using mud. If you MUST use rock, use volcanic rock.) for a fire bed, and for thermal insulation of the main body.
    Something to punch the holes with(tin snips, old, beat up knife:fixed blade only please!, or something similar)

    As far as I was able to gather, what you end up with is an up-draft side fueled stove. Which is techno-speak for a rocket-stove. The other half of the text SEEMS to be explaining how the Rocket Stove Mass Heater works.

    Maybe, if the author can provide a copy of the text, in their own language, we can help a bit with the translating?