Mini Rose Cupcake

Introduction: Mini Rose Cupcake

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cute, easy, fast and delish!

- cupcake
- red starburst ( or anyother candy you can flatten out and mold)
-green gum drop (or your choice)
- sugar

- cutting board
- small knife
- rolling pin

- microwave 1 - 2 starburst for 10-15 secs (make sure it is warm to touch not piping hot)
- take out and let sit for 30 seconds or so and then flatten it out (use wax paper between so it doesn't stick to cutting board/rolling pin)
- cut out strips(the height you want the roses to be)
-then just start rolling them, starting out with a tighter rol into looser rolls.
- you can slightly bend and twist the starburst to make it look better.
- stop when you have reached your desired shape and size.

- flatten out one green gum drop slowly adding sugar so it doesn't get sticky
- cut out leaf shape

- frost and assemble everything on top
- you can sprinkle a bit of sugar for a pretty look.
- for extra elegance, add pearls.=] but i think it looks perfect the way it is.=D

if at first you cant make a rose its ok, go ahead and experiment a bit, you'll get it.=]


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