Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s




Introduction: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

What you need to make these aweasom bacon cup cake,s is bread , cheese , egg, butter ,bacon

Step 1: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

Bread , cheese , Bacon , egg ,butter

Step 2: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

First you have to make circle,s out of the bread

Step 3: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

Then you have to rub it in with a little butter ( the cup cake plate )

Step 4: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

Then bake the Bacon but not to long the bacon is olso baking in the oven but that for later

Step 5: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

Then you put some of the cheese in to the bread cups then the bacon

Step 6: Mmmm Bacon Cup Cake,s

Then put a egg into the cups , then put it in the oven for 20 / 25 min 320 f  

Step 7: Teaste Realy Great!

The were awesom ! Teaste realy great! 

Step 8: Bon Appetit !

Bon appetit !

Step 9: Don`t Throw the Bread Away

Step 10: You Can Put a Egg in the Bread and Ad Bacon !!

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    It is not hard. Breakfast is very important. i think it is very good as Breakfast . I will try it.