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Introduction: Modern Lamp With IPhone Charger

I have wanted to build a custom lamp for some time now. With that want and the chance of winning a scroll was, I figured this was the perfect time. I am referring to the lamp contest. So if you like this instructable drop a comment and I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Concept & Inspiration

My first step was what do I want. Although a modern/contemporary look was my number one, I didn't want minimalist. So Google modern lamps, and the thing that kept catching my eye was the glowing non traditional type as pictured. Now as my concept hit the Home Depot I started to look for materials. Then my materials start to shape my lamp.

Step 2: Picking Out Materials

Things I know I want
glass tile
and a receptacle
Depending on what you have, a lamp kit will take you a long way for the money
I also want a conventional switch for my lamp. No twists for my lamp!!!!

First off, I bought some of these things and had some at home. So if you see me use something not seen here, that's why.

8' 2X6
piece of lexan
one inch screws
2 inch screws
2 square feet of glass tile
2 tubes of clear caulk
4 by 4 electrical box
15 amp receptacle and switch
switch plate cover
light socket
small piece of luan
wood stain

miter saw
belt wander
propane torch
a few various clamps


Step 3: Construction

The best place to start will be to decide how big you want it and to keep it modular. When I say modular I am describing the measurements need to reflect the dimensions of the glass tile. I went with fourteen inches tall and as close to 6 1/4" wide as I could get.

I included a video on bending the lexan to shape. I didn't know how to do it before this instructible and as you can see, it ain't very difficult.

Next is casing out the top and bottom with a 2 * 6. I did a bit of shaping the corners to get a tight fit but don't sweat it because it all gets covered. I used wood from a crate because it's free and I love pallets.

then cover the backside of the tile with clear silicone and apply to your box. It takes 24-49 hours to get all of it to dry so I would recommend sharpening all of your chisels and drill bits. If yours are sharp, then well well. This silicone wiill also be the grout so put plenty on and clean up the tile when tacky.

The top and bottom are a piece of 2*4 & 2*6 from the same pallet as I used on the casins that I chopped at a 45° angle because I wanted to be able to put my iPad on it to charge and keep my nightstand from getting cluttered again. I just glued and put a couple screws in.

Step 4: Electrical

I used
an old work box
15 all receptacle
15 amp switch
12/2 w/ground SO cord
light socket

Depending on your knowledge of electricity this may help you or bore you. Either way always size your circuit to the NEC and obey any local ordinances.

why did I put such a big cord on the little light? This may be taken outside and the receptacle may be used for something that draws a lot more current. So for that reason I decided to use a 12 Gage wire a 20 Amp receptacle, plug, and it is on a 20 amp circuit breaker. no worries about anyone plugging in a space heater on this circuit.

It is hard to tell how the wiring is run in the box so I'll include an easier to understand schematic, it may help if you're not familiar with this stuff.

I used an old work box mounted to a piece of 1/2" MDF. Also made a little bracket for my socket.

Make a hole in the MDF for the cord and put a strain relief on the backside of the box to keep anyone from pulling the wires out accidents

When connecting the wires to the plug and receptacle attach the black wire to the gold screw and the white wire to the silver screw and green wire to the green screw. Jump the black from the rec to the bottom side of the switch. Put the black from the socket to the top side of the switch. Put the white wire from the socket to the other silver screw on the rec.

Step 5: Finito

On top of the new accessibility of recpetacles my daughter gets a kick out of flipping the switch on and we now read books in this room. Who knows why little kids do what they do.

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    6 years ago

    Awesome! I love it


    6 years ago

    Great work ! But where's the charger part ?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Its the receptacle/USB on the back

    Samuel kos
    Samuel kos

    6 years ago

    If you want to be entered in the lamp contest you need to re-submit this entered into the lamp contest because I can't vote for it right now


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Its actually still pending. they'll put it out soon