Modifie Your Knex Gun With a Knex Handle!




Introduction: Modifie Your Knex Gun With a Knex Handle!

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While tinkering with one of my knex guns i made this handle. very easy instructable simple desighn yet very good. hope you like it.

Step 1: Construction.

the pictures pretty much say it all, just over lap and your done. very sturdy strong "grip".



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    I'm not impressed at all, and don't really understand why others are. This thing is very old, too simple, and bad compared to other handles. Besides the Instructable is bad, with only one picture of the handle and no description. I hope your next thing will be better, because this one got a "useless" rating.

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    Thanks this handle rocks and it fits perfectly on my gun that i never found a good handle for. TY! LOL!

    Its a good handle and it feels nice, but if you think about it knex doesn't really need grip, know what I'm saying? still comfy though lol

    Replace greens with red corners. Extremely comfortable and the way I've done it, it stays in place even under heavy pressure!!!

    not comfy atall i need a handle that won't slide off under heavy stress, but is orriented the same way

    ... more instructables that don't excite anyone, we really need new ideas.

    O, a good handle, but a waste of an instructable.

    It's actually a pretty good handle, because it's symmetrical. Knex guns have Knex handles. It'd be more logical if you changed the title to "Simple and Ergonomic Knex Gun Handle" or something like that.

    ok what is the point of the instructable besides making a weird handle