Mods for the V5 Reaper




these are some modifications for wicky's v5 reaper, they are easy to do just look carefully. (everything is symmetrical here so make every part twice and the decorations are shown on one side so you need to do the same thing on the other side

1) the modded reaper
2) a terryfying look trough the barrel :p
3) u do not want to be here when an arrow flies trough xd


Step 1: The Body Mod

sorry for the light.
1)make this 2x
2)other view
3)put it here
4)put these connectors and spacers on(watch the y connectors!)
5)other view
6)another view
7)make20 of these
8)fill the support rods up with 9on each side
9)now make this piece 2x
10)other view
11)other view
12)other view
13)other view
14)other view
15)now put that piece right here and put one of the long orange connector things on top of it so it looks like the pic(do this on both sides)
16)make this piece 2x
17)put it here

okay, these are the mods for the body, now let's do the sights

Step 2: The Sight

this is a sight that is effective and is placed right above the barrel so you can aim on them(not like the scopes that are placed 5feet above your gun just to be cool) lol

1)the sight
2)other view
3) the way you are supposed to be looking on it(the second y connector is used for long distances)

Step 3: The Trigger(EASY)

this is a tiny mod for the trigger that lets you attach a piece of string to it so you do not always have to go to the back of the bow to shoot.

1°yellow rod, YES THAT'S ALL!!!

Step 4: Decoration

now for the probably most confusing part of the mod: the decorations(this will use alot of long flexi-rods

1)put 2 here
2)other view
3)one here
4)one here
5)one here
6)and one here
7)put one trough these 2 holes, it doesn't matter how far they are in
8)one like this
9)one here
10)shape it like an S and connect it
11)shape like this
12)make this 2x
13)connect like that

almost there!

14)connect a rod here
15)and here
16)and here
17)put some on the sights
18)other view
19)other view
20)put one trough here
21)and finally, put 2 on the front of the bow(if the arrow sometimes crashes on the upper rod, just remove it)


with those mods, your reaper is stronger and can carry up to 10strings( reinforce your rods where the rubberbands are attached to)



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    6 years ago

    :O Awesome


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, but im not going to do this. i had the reaper for a while, but got rid of it, and i already had given it alot of support, more so than yourself.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well, that can be solved: or you spherical the arrow, or you just spin a complete rubberband on the connector where the rod is in, so that the connector can't get loose low


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    lol the only bit of that that made sense was the last one, but yeah i know. i was going to glue or tape the arrows, but i took it apart a while ago.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i might also throw in a mod on a handle which im working on, with a piece of string attached so you don't always have to go to the back of the bow to shoot lol


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't think it needed more support lol, but it sure looks cool.. 4.5* Well...instead of adding more rubberbands, you could always try to make it longer... 1st also has 6 rubberband strings of 4. And if you can figure out how to build picture 2, then it could be a good mod to include in here ;P You might have seen the 3rd picture already..but it shows how to make the handle sturdier without yellow connectors.

    lol 002 (Medium).jpg4-arrow trigger 002 (Large).jpgModded Reaper 001 (Large).jpg
    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hmm, you could use the second picture to make a 4 barreled version of my sidearm.