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I thought of making this monster clock after a half an hour of brain storming and then getting in a fight with my youngest sister and I called her a monster.  That's how I got the idea ( she is a little monster ) : -)

It is a lot of fun to make and  it is also a lot of fun to figure out the time with.

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Step 1: Suplies

1. you will need a round clock.
2. you will need some colored paper.
3. you will need fuzzy wires.
4. you will need two small wood disks. will  need tape.
6 you will need scissors.

Step 2: The Fur

For this step it is realy simple you cut up random shapes with a flat bottom, and then you tape it to the rim of the clock.  You put it all the way around.  Make them overlap so they look like monster fur.

Step 3: The Eyes

For the eyes you need to grab six fuzzy wire or pipe cleaners.  I put three together and folded and twisted to make one nice and thick pipe cleaner.

Take the two small wood disks and trace them on one of the pieces of colored paper.  Cut out the eye circles.   Tape the paper disks to the wood disks and add pupils and eyebrows 

Tape the disks to the fuzzy wire and then to the clock make it so it is right above the 12 so then there on the right part of it 

Step 4: The Feet

For the feet you need to cut out two reasonably sized monster feet shapes.  Then cut out claws.  Make sure to cut out enough for all the toes.

When you are ready to tape on the feet, make sure that the monster fur overlaps the feet and they are under the six.

Step 5: The Hands

For the hands cut out two reasonably sized hands with no claws.  Then in a different color cut out triangls for the claws.  Place the claws on the back of the hands and tape them on.  Tape the hands a little under the two and a little under the ten.

Step 6: You Are Done

Congratulations.  You just finished your monster clock.  I hope you like it.  Now it would be really scrary if you were late for something.

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